Using honey for dry lips is an excellent way to bring natural moisture and healing properties to the affected areas. With honeys natural properties, you are not using anything that will irritate or further harm the lips. What better way to improve your natural beauty than to use a natural and healing product?
Honey’s health benefits are widely known. Honey has the ability to provide both antifungal and antibacterial properties. This is why it has been widely used in the modern world and throughout ancient civilizations. Any issue with your lips can be improved or remedied by utilizing these benefits, and in turn, adding the healing and moisturizing properties that will return your lips to their former suppleness.
You can use honey as you would any other type of lip balm. As you would apply these products to your lips, you can also apply honey several times to the lips per day. Simply use by dabbing and applying with your finger or with a q-tip. If you find the honey is too strong for your taste, you can also mix with coconut oil in order to have a milder and creamier product.
The key is to be consistent and allow for the honey’s properties to soak into the layers of the lip. For this to occur, remember to apply several times a day. For even faster and better results, apply overnight while sleeping. You will be on your way to healthy lips in no time, all while enjoying the natural, healing properties of honey.

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